For the past three weeks me and my outreach team have been in Iceland. Iceland has been good. It was a very big transition to go from China to Iceland; two very different countries.

Our time in Iceland has been good. We’ve been in the capital city of Reykjavik. We stayed at a hostel for the entire time and spent most of our time in this cafe that YWAM is connected with. A lot of youth come to the cafe so there is a lot of ministry opportunities from it. We helped with youth nights here and events through the cafe.

We also did something we called, “free prayer” where we’d hold up “free prayer” signs in the streets and then ask if people wanted prayer for anything.  It was really interesting. We got a lot of revelation on how God must feel when humanity rejects him as people walked by rejecting us.  But, we also got a lot of really good responses. Some people testified after the prayer that they felt immediately better and more at peace. One lady started crying as the Holy Spirit put words in our mouths to pray over her.  It was really good.

Others on my team did a lot of art ministry. They would create a drawing or some other art piece and then they would give it away to someone on the street.

We also helped set up for a conference. We are now attending/helping with the conference.  Kris Vallotton from Bethel church in California is here speaking at a conference. It is an extremely charismatic church; which is very different for me, but I am finding it very enjoyable. Kris is a very good speaker, so I am looking forward to the next few sessions (we are halfway though the conference).

On Tuesday (May 24) we leave for Amsterdam where we have a 1 day layover before we fly to Hong Kong and then on to Perth, Australia.  We’ll be in Perth for about a day and a half before we take a 2-3 day drive up to the North West corner of Australia called the Kimberleys.  There we will be working with aboriginal peoples for about 3 weeks.  Finally, after that we drive back to Perth for a week of debrief and then I come back to Saskatoon! Life is exciting; God is good.

Thanks for reading.


One response to “Iceland.

  1. Thanks for the update Curtis. The adjustment from crowded China to Iceland must have been enormous.
    Blessings as you travel back to Austrailia. Are you collecting airmiles or airpoints in some way?

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