Hello everyone.

For the past month me and my outreach team were in China. We are now in Iceland and will be here till the end of May. China was really great.  I really loved the country, the people, the friends made, the culture, the food, the churches, the streets, the noises, the smells, the buildings, the trains … everything; it was great. We spent half our time in a city called Shenzhen (very close to Hong Kong) and the other half in Nanjing (1 or 2 hours from Shanghai).

Our ministry was somewhat limited because spreading religious beliefs in China is technically illegal, but luckily Shenzhen and Nanjing are both fairly open cities.  Our main ministry was simply going and talking with people on the street or on university campuses and challenging their beliefs by sharing our faith with them.  It was really good.  I had some really good conversations with people.  My family has had many different E.S.L. students (mostly Chinese) living with us for about the past 8 years and this background helped me relate better to the people I talked with.  I found it really easy to relate to and talk with people.

The other ministries we did included: public readings of the Bible, public worship times, intercession/prayer times, attending/teaching at Bible studies, and encouraging a permanent team of missionaries there.

The whole experience was great.  We are now in Iceland.  I”ll write more as more happens.

Thanks for the support! Thanks for caring! Thanks for reading!


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