China/Iceland/Aussie High Schools

After my three months of training in Perth I will be going out on a team with other students from my school to do outreach.  A few weeks ago we were given the five options for where the teams are going.  Over the course of a week I deliberated which option I should go on.  We were not to talk to anyone else in our school about which option we were choosing.  So the whole week I spent simply praying about it and deliberating the options.  There were a number of reasons why I felt that the China/Iceland/Aussie High schools was the right option for me.

  • I felt God was telling me to go on one of the Asia teams.
  • I felt God was telling me to go on one of the High School outreach teams.
  • A few weeks before, someone had given me the scripture Isaiah 49.  I felt that from Isaiah 49:1, which says, “Listen to me, you islands; hear this, you distant nations…” I was to go to an island nation.  The only outreach option country that was an island was Iceland.
  • I was talking with someone else that did a previous outreach in China and he said he had opportunities to talk with Chinese people that wanted to learn/practice English.  I’ve had a lot of experience talking with ESL people and I’ve been told from ESL people that I’m easy to understand and that I’m patient with them.
  • I felt that knowledge of Chinese culture would be useful in the future because there are many Chinese people in Canada and Engineering fields.
  • I was about to watch the show, “How I Met Your Mother” and I felt God was saying he would speak to me through the show.  Anyways, I know it sounds kind of ridiculous but China was mentioned twice in the show I watched.
  • I phoned my family about the options and the China/Iceland/Aussie High Schools option had stuck out to my brother Jeff.

Overall, the China/Iceland option wasn’t really my first choice of countries to go to, but I definitely feel that it is the team that God wants me on.  I think some really amazing things will happen.  I’m excited.

Thanks for reading!


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