Street Evangelism

Last Thursday we went as a school and did street evangelism. It was very interesting. About 60 of us went to downtown Perth and in a shopping/walking area we sang worship songs and gave testimonies. We started by all singing and worshiping for a while, then we would pause and one at a time some of us would jump up on a bench and shout out some sort of short testimony to anyone that was walking by.

Some people gave us annoyed looks, but we also got good reception from others. As we felt prompted, we went and talked to people that were watching us.

I was nervous to do it, but I jumped up and gave a quick 1 minute testimony that I had prepared. It was pretty cool; it felt good.

Thanks for reading!


One response to “Street Evangelism

  1. Ha,Ha, makes me smile!( MOM) I read on my Lulu bag yesterday, “Do something that scares you’ That would qualify hey?!
    Your magic would fit into street evangelism too wouldn’t it, if you had a a short testimony woven into it.
    Good on you! Love Mom

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