Lecture Topics and Summaries

Here is a really brief summary of the lecture topics we’ve had each week so far.  Obviously the actual lectures went into much more detail than these short summaries describe.

Week 1: Hearing God’s voice.
We distinguish God’s voice from others by knowing God’s character.  It is important to hear God’s voice because it is how He gives direction to our lives.

Week 2: The Nature and Character of God
God is holy (he is perfect in every way and consistently makes choices that are perfect).  The Holy Spirit is a part of the trinity and He is inside of us (Christians) and leads/guides us.

Week 3: Repentance and Forgiveness
It is important to ask the Holy Spirit to show us the sin in our lives so that we can repent of the sin, see the sin from God’s perspective and finally become closer to God and others around us.

Week 4: Prayer and Intercession.
There is a spiritual battle all around us and our prayers matter because they help bind the enemy and bring God’s power.

Week 5: Relationships
We need God to fulfill our main needs of love and significance instead of searching for them from others, because other people or things cannot satisfy them.

Thanks for reading.


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