Repentance and Forgiveness Week

53 people, 18 hours, 1 unbelievable feeling of freedom

This last week of school was … intense.  From Monday till Thursday this week’s speaker spoke on the topic of repentance and forgiveness.  He spoke on what sin is and the problems it creates.  He spoke on why it is good to repent and confess of sin in front of witnesses and the benefits that come from this confessional process.  It’s not that God doesn’t forgive sins if you only repent to him, but there are benefits from doing it in front of witnesses.

Here’s how the process worked.  First off, we were each to take time alone in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to each of us the sin in our lives; basically we were asking God to point out the sin in our lives and to let us see the sin from His perspective (i.e. why he hates the sin).  The next step was confession of sins in front of a group of witnesses.  On Friday morning at 9:00 am we started this process and we finished at 3:00 am Saturday morning.  18 hours!  The 18 hours included a few breaks for snacks and meals.  Basically, each of us that wanted to went to the front of the class and sat on a chair between Quentin (the school leader) and this week’s speaker.  We would then pray aloud to God and in detail repent of the sins that we felt we needed to.  After this, they would pray for us and then we would go and nail our list of sins to a cross for symbolic effect.  Then finally, other students would come and pray for the person who just confessed and give them words of encouragement.

The whole process was quite terrifying, humiliating, exhausting, exciting and … freeing.  People were honest.  People were open.  People were genuine.  People shared everything.  People shared so they would have no regrets later.  People cried.  I cried.  Announcing your deepest and darkest secrets in front of 60ish people is no easy task.  But, afterwards, the feeling is truly amazing.  I feel so light, so happy, so free, so close to everyone else in my school.  I just…, I feel so good.  It’s great.

Thanks for reading.


One response to “Repentance and Forgiveness Week

  1. So proud of you Curtis, Love Aunt Karen!

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