Adventure in Perth

A week and a half ago I had a bit of an adventure in downtown Perth.  If I had to take a random assortment of exciting words from the story the would be ambulances, decapitation, a drunk 15 year old girl, mcdonalds, being lost, lots of walking, a prostitute, a helicopter and a crazy lady.  Though it was quite the adventure, that slice of words does exaggerate the excitement of the story.

To begin, me and 3 of my friends on base named Tobias, Caitlin and Mirjam decided to go for a walk into downtown Perth on a Friday night.  We left at about 10:45pm and planned to be gone about 45 minutes.  We were walking around town looking at shops when we saw a helicopter take off from the hospital roof.  It was pretty cool.  After a while we decided to head home, but then in the process of walking/talking we ended up missing a turn and got completely lost.

After walking around somewhat randomly for a time, we asked this crazy/somewhat drunk looking lady for directions.  She gave us some … alright … directions (from my experiences so far, Aussie people don’t give the most clear directions).  She was also a bit weird because for some reasons she didn’t like Canadians.

We took her directions and eventually found McDonalds (which meant we knew where we were).  We were hungry and by that point it was about midnight so we got a bit of food.  While we were eating this young girl runs in and starts bawling her eyes out in the corner.  We went over to her and asked what was wrong and then found out she was lost and all her friends had ditched her.  So, we spent the next 30 minutes talking/listening to her, finding out the restaurant her friends were at, then walking with her to that restaurant before her drunk/awkward boyfriend and friends suddenly drove up to pick her up.  We found out she was 15 and her one friend was a prostitute and that she had been at her boyfriends 21st birthday.  It was a bit crazy.  It was cool we were able to help her though because in McDonalds she looked pretty terrified.

After the 15 year old girl’s friends picked her up we still had to find our way home.  There was some paramedics drinking coffee nearby, so we asked them for directions.  The one paramedic told us we were far away from home and was trying to give us directions to the train station when he decided that it would be easier if he just gave us a ride home.  So we got a ride home in his ambulance and he told us about how he had just been at traffic accident where someone got decapitated.  It was crazy.

In the end we all got home safely sometime after 1:00am.  It was a good night; it was much better than just a short walk.

Thanks for reading this.


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