In Christ Alone – 2

Here’s a cool story.  As I had said in my last post, a week ago I woke up two days in a row with the song “In Christ Alone” playing in my mind.  I thought it was odd that this song had been in my mind so strongly, two days in a row.  I had prayed to God that if this was from Him then the worship leaders would select it to be sung during worship.  And sure enough, as I had said in my last post, it was sung and it had a huge impact on everyone present.

Today, I was listening to the speaker and I prayed again, “God, if that song was really from you, then can you help prove it by having us sing it again”.  To be honest, based on the style of most of the songs that were being sung during worship, I really didn’t expect it to be sung, but sure enough, the final song that was selected was, “In Christ Alone”.  People were pretty much falling on their faces because the presence of God could be felt so strongly.

Anyways, it was pretty crazy.  It was really cool.

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “In Christ Alone – 2

  1. Neat story Curtis.
    In Christ Alone has alot of equity for me as we used it as our theme song in SEMF (the ministerial) a couple of years ago.
    Are we doing scype saturday around 7?
    Love Dad

  2. That hymn has such meaningful words.” Here in thepower of Christ I stand” It is such a powerful declaration of who we are in Christ. I can imagine how meaningful that would be.! Amen! Love, Mom

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